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What we do

Here at AllGameMaps we provide gamers with high quality interactive maps. http://www.AllGameMaps.com is a website that provides an online collection of interactive maps of all your favorite games.
Armed with the knowledge in our maps you can optimize your play! No more do you have to run around cluelessly trying to find that one resource for that one quest. Many other websites help gamers with walkthroughs, videos and other general information. AllGameMaps however provides it in an direct, clear and highly customizable way. No skipping through that YouTube walkthrough to find that one moment, scourging trough that wiki or posting on forums with several helpful people telling you to ͚git gud͛.

In addition to high quality maps we also provide markers you can place on important locations. Wherever possible we develop smart tools that will help you accomplish the goals specific to the game you are playing. With these maps you can empower your gameplay and bring it and your character to the next level!


This list represents the games that are currently in our database:

Game Maps
Ark: Survival Evolved 1
Counter Strike: Global Offensive 25
Fortnite 1

Update log

2018-04-25 05:40:09 Complete Overhaul

After receiving feedback about our website we have decided to reskin our whole website along with adding some new handy features! A key feature of this new version allows you to quickly look up a game along with it's maps by using a simple search bar.

Currently we are working hard by adding new maps to our website. The next game we will be adding to our website will be Ark: Survival Evolved with all of it's maps (The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok and Aberration). We are also adding a wiki to our website (http://www.allgamemaps.com/wiki). At this page all key features of the website will be described.

We are supporting: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite: Battle Royale and soon Ark: Survival Evolved!

2018-02-27 10:01:39 Site Launch!

We are happy to announce that today is the day we have successfully launched this website!

What we as a website are offering you is information that can help you to become a better or more efficient player. Currently we are supporting 2 games: Counter Strike Global Offensive and Fortnite (Battle Royale version).

For CSGO we are currently offering 20 of the in-game maps with markers that cover important information like: spawn points, bomb sites, hostage locations, but also quick gifs about smoke and Molotov locations! (Currently the map Cache contains 1 smoke spot as example of such a gif)

For Fortnite Battle Royale we are offering a map where we would like to show all the golden chests that are available on the map. We are displaying them as markers with an on click function that will show you a screenshot to give you more information about the location of this chest.

We are planning to offer every CSGO map with markers of spawn points, bomb sites, hostage locations and smoke / Molotov spots. Furthermore, we are planning to cover the whole map of Fortnite Battle Royale full of locations of golden chests. Last but not least we are planning to cover more games with useful information!

We encourage you to help us make this site more awesome, if you have any feedback, or map data (screenshots, gifs or regular text information) that could help us, please contact us.