This wiki contains additional information and instructions for using the website. The wiki has been seperated into four parts:

  • General Information
  • Map Features
  • Game Specific Features
  • Frequently Asked Questions
General Information

Get to know the functions our website is offering that are not directly related linked to the interactive maps.

Map Features

Get to know all the interactive map functionalities we are offering.

Game Specific Features

We at AllGameMaps get that every game is meant to be played in it's own way and has it's own rules. That's why we are willing to create game dependant features for the underlying interactive maps!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: This map is not up to date! Can this be helped?
A: Yes it can! Please notify us via our Contact page to inform us about the outdated map!
Q: Some markers are missing/inaccurate/false. Can you correct this?
A: Yes we can. Please inform us via our Contact page if you notice any of these things. We will try to fix them as soon as possible!
Q: Do I have to have to pay for this website?
A: No, our website is free to use for everyone!
Q: Can I add my own markers to the map? And share them?
A: This feature is currently in development. Please refer to Shared Maps for more information.